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Student Registration 2020-2021

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info Registration for our year-long courses will open on Tuesday 1 September and close on Wednesday 7 October 2020. For e-registration click here.
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How to Get a Visa for China

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In order to visit China, you must have a valid China Visa - a permit issued by visa authorities of the People’s Republic of China in accordance with its laws and regulations for a foreign citizen's entry into, exit from or transit through Chinese territory.

This website helps foreign citizens to prepare visa applications, schedule an appointment at a visa application center close to the applicant and keep track of their application status. The Visa Centre will only accept applications filled in and appointments scheduled online. By selecting “China Visa Applicant” and “Appointment” on the Visa Centre`s updated website, the clients can fill out their applications in advance and choose the date and time they would like to submit their applications at the Visa Centre. After filling out, printing and signing their applications, clients should place them along with any other supporting documents and proceed to the Visa Centre at the appointed time for submission.

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BCI promotion day

mmexport1507626154024On Friday, October 6, the Chinese co-director of the Business Confucius Institute at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Zu Lijun, with teachers and volunteer teachers from BCI, visited Syntagma Square in Athens, the most important square of the city and a major point of commercial, political and social life, to promote the open enrollment period.






Wednesday, 15 March 2017 00:00

Founding of CRI Greek Fan Club at BCI

CRI Fun Club 1On Feb 28, 2017, the founding ceremony of CRI Greek Fan Club was held at the Athens Business Confucius Institute. Mr. Ma Donghui, deputy editor-in-chief of CRI, Mr. Liu Jingdong, Head of the News Department of the Chinese Embassy in Greece and Prof. Zu Lijun, Co-director of BCI in Athens delivered a congratulatory speech respectively.

Mr. Sun Jingli, head of the Greek Language Broadcasting Channel of CRI, proposed that his department will further cooperate with BCI and expect to expand the scope of activities between the two institutions so that a higher and wider platform of the Chinese language learning can be provided for the Greek Chinese learners. Prof. Zu Lijun concluded that BCI has contributed greatly to the mutual friendship between the two countries and that BCI is always ready to help those Greek people who are interested in Chinese language and

BCI Activities9欢聚小年庆团圆,师生共贺“鸡”祥年



希腊当地时间2016年12月17日,雅典商务孔子学院公派教师黄豪参演的希腊电影在雅典举行了首映式。这部希腊本土电影名为《圣诞节无童话 Christmas Anti-tale 》,全片讲述了在困难面前人性的斗争以及用爱去拯救世界的故事。黄豪老师在该片中扮演一位科学家,与来自其他国家的同行进行争锋相对的谈判。这次跨界合作是希腊电影公司与雅典商务孔子学院的第一次,是雅典商务孔院与希腊本土文化传媒公司合作的新尝试,既有利于扩大雅典商务孔子学院在希腊的影响力,又为中希文化交流做出了贡献。

Business Confucius Institute of Athens and the Greek film company co-produce a micro-film

Greek local time on December 17, 2016, the premiere of a Greek film that the teacher Huang Hao, from Business Confucius Institute of Athens participated in was held in Athens. This Greek native film, called "Christmas Anti-tale ", tells the story of human struggle while facing difficulties and love to save the world. Huang Hao plays the role of a scientist, and had a swordplay with peers from other countries. The first collaboration between the Greek film company and BCI is a new attempt by the Business Confucius Institute of Athens and the Greek local media agency that will not only help expand the influence of the Confucius Institute in Athens, but also make contributions to the Sino-Greek cultural communications.

BCI Activities6
(the picture is an act by teacher Huang Hao as a scientist in the micro-film "Christmas Anti-tale".)



当地时间2016年11月27日,由雅典商务孔子学院主办的 2016年度希腊本土汉语教学研讨会暨经验交流会在希腊雅典商务孔子学院举行。中国驻希腊大使馆文化专员张展先生及其夫人、雅典商务孔子学院中方院长祖利军教授、外方院长Dr. Dimitris K. Kardaras、孔子学院全体教师和30余位希腊本土汉语教师出席了会议。整场会议共持续3个小时,教师们积极发言、各抒己见、热烈讨论。会后,各方教师都表示,他们十分感谢雅典商务孔子学院提供这样的平台,此次活动使他们大获裨益。本次汉语教学研讨会作为雅典商务孔子学院推动希腊汉语教学的一块基石,将会对希腊本土汉语教学、中华文化传播起到重要的推动性作用。

The Greek local Chinese teaching seminar was held successfully

On November 27, 2016, the 2016 Greek Local Chinese Teaching Seminar, hosted by the Business Confucius Institute in Athens, was held in Athens, Greece. Mr. Zhang Zhan, Cultural Attaché of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, Prof. Zu Lijun, Chinese director of BCI, Dr. Dimitris K. Kardaras, Greek director of BCI, and over 30 native Chinese language teachers attended it. The whole seminar lasted for three hours; the teachers took active part in it, speaking actively and expressing their views. After it, the teachers said that they were very grateful for the platform BCI provided for them and the benefit they extracted from it. As a cornerstone of the Chinese language teaching in Greece, the seminar would play an important role in promoting the teaching and learning of Chinese language and spreading of Chinese culture.

BCI Activities3
(Participants of the Greek local Chinese teaching seminar)




Launch of Chinese Lessons in Huawei Company Greek Branch

Greek local time on November 25, the opening ceremony of the Chinese lesson provided by Athens Business Confucius Institute for Greece Branch of Huawei Company was held in Huawei Company. Zhang Zhan, Cultural Commissioner of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, and Zu Lijun, the Dean of the Confucius Institute in Athens, attended the opening ceremony that day. After the opening ceremony, the Chinese teacher Wang Xiaojiao, sent by Confucius Institute started her first Chinese class. Interactive teaching methods, relaxing and humorous teaching language, stimulated the interest of all students there. The establishment of the Chinese class is an attempt of "school-enterprise cooperation," which will help foreign employees of local Chinese-funded enterprises understand Chinese culture, deepen their understanding of China, and is beneficial for carrying out business work in the future.

BCI Activities4
(Picture shows the teacher Wang Xiaojiao from the Confucius Institute in Athens, is teaching in Greece branch of Huawei Company)


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