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Founding of CRI Greek Fan Club at BCI

CRI Fun Club 1On Feb 28, 2017, the founding ceremony of CRI Greek Fan Club was held at the Athens Business Confucius Institute. Mr. Ma Donghui, deputy editor-in-chief of CRI, Mr. Liu Jingdong, Head of the News Department of the Chinese Embassy in Greece and Prof. Zu Lijun, Co-director of BCI in Athens delivered a congratulatory speech respectively.

Mr. Sun Jingli, head of the Greek Language Broadcasting Channel of CRI, proposed that his department will further cooperate with BCI and expect to expand the scope of activities between the two institutions so that a higher and wider platform of the Chinese language learning can be provided for the Greek Chinese learners. Prof. Zu Lijun concluded that BCI has contributed greatly to the mutual friendship between the two countries and that BCI is always ready to help those Greek people who are interested in Chinese language and

culture. BCI is a home of all Greek Chinese learners.

CRI Fun Club 2

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