Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with knowledgeable support to all customer requests across all products and all channels
  • Provide immediate and accurate response to all customer contacts on social media, phone, e-mail and live chat
  • Delivering first time resolution to all customer requests up to authority and permission levels
  • Creating and constantly developing unique positive personal relationships with a Customers
  • Maintain customer profiling and communication database history for all Customers
  • Ensure that Customer transactions are completed accurately and timeously
  • Able to confidently promote other products and services where appropriate
  • Active outbound calling to develop the lifetime value of the customer

Knowledge, skill & Experience:

  • Interest in the internet gaming products
  • Adaptable, adaptable, reliable
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast moving environment
  • Can work on own initiative but also possess a strong teamwork ethic
  • Excellent numeracy skills
  • Computer literate including e-mail, live chat and SMS communications
  • Commitment to delivering faultless service
  • Clear communicative skills with excellent telephone manner
  • Good all round sporting knowledge particularly in football
  • Very strong customer and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to work under shifting schedules (morning, afternoon, graveyard shifts)


  • 通过良好的专业知识,提供所有客户与产品相关的高品质服务。
  • 通过社交网站、电话、邮件及线上聊天方式,准确并即时为客户解决疑问。
  • 根据客户的权限和权限级别,在第一时间为客户提供解决方案。
  • 开发并维护客户的关系。
  • 维护和整理客户的资料和联络纪录。
  • 确保客户的存取款项正确并即时完成。
  • 积极主动地为客户推广适合的产品和服务。


  • 对网路游戏相关产品和工作感兴趣。
  • 良好的适应力、思绪灵活有弹性、可信可靠。
  • 较强的抗压能力,并能适应快节奏的工作环境。
  • 积极的工作态度和较强的团队意识。
  • 良好的数字逻辑概念。
  • 熟悉电子邮件、在线聊天、短信的操作技能。
  • 能提供周全的服务。
  • 良好的沟通技巧及电话礼仪。
  • 良好的体育知识,尤其是足球方面的。
  • 有良好的人际关系处理技巧及维护客户能力。
  • 能接受三班倒的工作。

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