On December 6, 2019, the 2019 Annual Meeting with our partner University of International Business and Economics was held in Beijing, China. Professor Alexandros Papalexandris, Foreign Dean of Athens Business Confucius Institute, Professor Han Hong, Director of the International Business Chinese Teaching and Resource Development, Professor Wang Bo, Deputy Dean of the School of International Relations, Li Yan, Deputy Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages, Yan Hongwei, Chinese Dean of the Athens Business Confucius Institute, Sun Tao, director of the Greek Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Li Rongrong, assistant to the director of the International Business Chinese Teaching and Resource Development, attended the meeting.

Professor Wang Bo, Deputy Dean, School of International Relations

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A Rectors’ Forum, titled "Chinese-Hellenic Cooperation in Higher Education" was held on May 23, 2019, in the Great Hall of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in cooperation with CEAIE and with the participation of a great number of universities from Greece and China. Both sides expressed their willingness to strengthen bilateral ties in Higher Education and strengthen the friendship between the two nations. Discussions included topics related to "Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship", "Language and Cultural Teaching", "Student Mobility" and the use of "ICT in Education". The Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Mrs. Zhang Qiyue, held a reception to honor ministers of the Greek government, politicians and university authorities from Greece and China who participated in the forum. Greek students from the Business Confucius Institute at the Athens University of Economics and Business sang Chinese songs to honor the guests and to celebrate the cultural exchange and communication between China and Greece.

Monday, 06 November 2017 00:00

Chinese festival 2017

mmexport1509210194748On Friday, 27 October 2017, Business Confucius Institute at AUEB celebrated the traditional Chinese festival---Double Ninth Festival.

Sets of tea pots with face images from the Beijing Opera in blue-and-white porcelain, chinese drums and lanterns and colorful drama costumes lighted up the hall.

Participants were amazed at the performances of traditional Chinese instruments--Pipa and Hulu Si by the Chinese teachers as well as at the live performance of noodles' stretching.

Participants played exciting games (Quick Answer and Mimic&Guess), kids got thrilled winning prizes.

Chinese opera costumes are colorful, lavish, extravagant—a visual feast. Girls tried them on! Selfies and photos were inevitable! 

BCI Activities8雅典商务孔子学院在下属孔子课堂举办2017年“庆元宵猜灯谜”活动


Sunday, 02 October 2016 00:00

The Palace Museum Dean Delivered a Speech



The Palace Museum Dean Delivered a Speech

On October 2, the Business Confucius Institute in Athens was honored to invite the Palace Museum Dean Dr. Shan Jixiang, to deliver a wonderful speech entitled "the Forbidden City and the World". At the Q&A part, inspired by the questions raised by BCI students, the Dean, Jixiang Shan, said: from now on, the Palace Museum will be free for students from Confucius Institutes around the world, and will have commentators to guide them. He also expressed the hope that the Palace Museum would love to cooperate with BCI and also with other Confucius Institutes, to carry out a three-day cultural activities in the Palace. The statement of the Dean Shan is of great significance to the work of the Confucius Institute in the whole world. The free doors the Palace Museum opens to Confucius Institute students will promote the work of the Confucius Institute to a higher level, will encourage foreigners to understand Chinese culture further, and will be good for the friendship of China and foreign countries.

BCI Activities1
(From left to right) (Professor Zu Lijun, Chinese director of BCI; Dr. Jixiang Shan, Dean of the Palace Museum; Dr. Dimitris K. Kardaras, Greek director of BCI)


Sunday, 12 June 2016 00:00

The Sino-Greek Culture Festival held


雅典当地时间2016年6月12日,希腊雅典商务孔子学院、希腊华侨中文学校、希腊Salamis市Paloukia小学、Stelios Katharos外语学校在Salamis市市政府礼堂联合举办“Two Worlds Becomes One” 中希文化节,约200名各界人士参与了此次活动。本次活动旨在促进中希两国文化交流、传播中华文化、推动汉语在希腊的发展。雅典商务孔子学院中方院长祖利军教授在活动开幕式上发言。本次中希文化节活动不仅为中希文化的交流做出自己的贡献,也宣传了中国文化,扩大了孔子学院在当地的影响力,有利于今后雅典汉语教学的开展。

The Sino-Greek Culture Festival held

Athens, June 12, 2016, Business Confucius Institute of Athens, Greek Overseas Chinese School, Paloukia Elementary School of Salamis , Stelios Katharos Foreign Language School jointly organized "Two Worlds Become One" Sino-Greek Culture Festival in Salamis City Hall Auditorium. About 200 people from all walks participated in this event. The event aims to promote cultural communication between China and Greece, the dissemination of Chinese culture, and the development of Chinese language in Greece. Prof. Zu Lijun, Dean of the Business Confucius Institute of Athens spoke at the opening ceremony of the event. The activities of the Sino-Greek Culture Festival not only make their own contribution to the communication of Sino-Greek culture, but also promote the Chinese culture, expand the influence of Confucius Institute in local area, that is beneficial for the future of Chinese language teaching in Athens.

BCI Activities5
(the Picture is a group photo of representatives from three joint sponsoring units of "Sino-Greek Culture Festival")


Chinese Bridge 2016 1

On the 29th of May, 2016, the 15th Chinese Bridge Competition, sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Cultural Department of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, was organized successfully in Athens by the Business Confucius Institute in Athens.

The competition included two phases, the preliminary contest and the final contest. Over 100 students participated at the preliminary phase, and the top 10 were selected to attend the final competition. The final competition consisted of two parts, speech and talent show. In the first part, 10 contestants delivered speeches concerning their own story about China and their Chinese dreams, revealing their remarkable expression and command of Chinese. In the talent show part, some contestants performed Chinese traditional dance, sang Chinese songs, or performed Chinese martial arts, such as Tai Chi Tsuan and Wu bu Tsuan. Their impassioned and exceptional performance won rounds of applause and cheers from the audience. After a 4-hour fierce competition, the students of the Business Confucius Institute in Athens won the top three prizes. The first and second ranking contestants, Varvara Christopoulou and Maria Paparizou, will participate at the Global Final Chinese Bridge Competition in China, representing Greece this summer.


On Sept 26, 2015, Business Confucius Institute (BCI) in Athens held a celebration party for 2015 Confucius Institute Day and Chinese Mid-autumn Day at Andoniadou Amphitheatre of AUEB. More than one hundred people attended the event, which was honored and prided by the presence of Prof. Gatsios, rector of AUEB, Mr. Zou Xiaoli, Chinese ambassador to Hellenic Republic, and heads of some Chinese business societies and Chinese-funded enterprises in Greece. News Channel and English Channel of China Central Television (CCTV) and Sino-Hellenic Times gave an on-the-spot report of the celebration.

Before the party began, both Prof. Gatsios and His Excellency made an analysis of Sino-Hellenic relations and proposed some prospects for the future work of BCI in their speeches. The speech of His Excellency was in fact his premiere speech in public after Prime Minister Tripras won his second election.
Dr. Dimitris Kardaras, Director of BCI, and Prof. Zu Lijun, Chinese Co-director, chaired the whole occasion from beginning to end. 

IMG 3316

On May 9, Saturday, 7 top candidates selected among over 100 participants took part in the final contest for the “14th Chinese Bridge Contest” in Greece. They are Greek students who have learned Chinese for 2.5 years or over 10 years time. The judges are Mr. Zhang Zhan, the cultural attaché from Chinese Embassy, Ms Yang Xiuqin, the co-director of BCI, and other 5 teachers and scholars who are very experienced in Chinese language teaching in Greece.

After the exciting competition on Oral Speech, Questions/Answers, and presentation of the Chinese Arts, Miss Myrto Pollali (米豆) wins the first Prize, Ms Varga Rita and Miss Yuonne Goettler (仪芳) win the second Prize, and Miss Anastasia Ershova, Mr. Nikolas Polyzoidis (陈建华), Ms Irini Ioannidi(艾琳) and Miss Martha Kakouni win the third Prize.

This Contest is held every year one time, for choosing the best in learning Chinese language and culture. The winners will represent Greece to go to China in July this year to participate in the Global University students Competition for Chinese language and cultural knowledge. Top Chinese universities will offer them scholarships for learning from one semester to one year in China.

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