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The Sino-Greek Culture Festival held


雅典当地时间2016年6月12日,希腊雅典商务孔子学院、希腊华侨中文学校、希腊Salamis市Paloukia小学、Stelios Katharos外语学校在Salamis市市政府礼堂联合举办“Two Worlds Becomes One” 中希文化节,约200名各界人士参与了此次活动。本次活动旨在促进中希两国文化交流、传播中华文化、推动汉语在希腊的发展。雅典商务孔子学院中方院长祖利军教授在活动开幕式上发言。本次中希文化节活动不仅为中希文化的交流做出自己的贡献,也宣传了中国文化,扩大了孔子学院在当地的影响力,有利于今后雅典汉语教学的开展。

The Sino-Greek Culture Festival held

Athens, June 12, 2016, Business Confucius Institute of Athens, Greek Overseas Chinese School, Paloukia Elementary School of Salamis , Stelios Katharos Foreign Language School jointly organized "Two Worlds Become One" Sino-Greek Culture Festival in Salamis City Hall Auditorium. About 200 people from all walks participated in this event. The event aims to promote cultural communication between China and Greece, the dissemination of Chinese culture, and the development of Chinese language in Greece. Prof. Zu Lijun, Dean of the Business Confucius Institute of Athens spoke at the opening ceremony of the event. The activities of the Sino-Greek Culture Festival not only make their own contribution to the communication of Sino-Greek culture, but also promote the Chinese culture, expand the influence of Confucius Institute in local area, that is beneficial for the future of Chinese language teaching in Athens.

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(the Picture is a group photo of representatives from three joint sponsoring units of "Sino-Greek Culture Festival")


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