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International Chinese Language Teachers' Certificate Examination 2023


Registration for the first International Chinese Language Teachers' Certificate Examination 2023 is underway!

New special teacher examination course at Athens Business Confucius Institute!


The Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTCSOL) is a standardized examination organized by the Centre for Sino-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The certificate is a priority requirement for overseas Confucius Institutes in recruiting Chinese language teachers; a reference for schools and educational institutions at home and abroad in selecting and evaluating Chinese language teachers; and a reference for evaluating the level of teachers and teaching capabilities of international Chinese teaching institutions.

Confucius Institute for Business in Athens, located in Athens, was established in 2009 and is the first Confucius Institute in Greece and the first Confucius Institute for Business in Europe. Over the past fourteen years, the Confucius Institute has graduated more than 3,000 students and constantly offers more than 10 courses every year, making it a model of Chinese language teaching in Greece.

As the only exam center in Greece officially authorized by HECI for the International Chinese Language Teachers' Certificate, this year for the first time, wehave set up a"General Version" of the exam training for Chinese. This year, for the first time in Greece, we have set up a training session for the "General Version" of the exam for Chinese speakers.

[Examination Registration and Examination Period]

(1) Registration for the written examination: 14-23 March 2023, the registration system opens at 10:00 BST on 14 March. There will be no more pre-registration for this examination; candidates are requested to pay the fee directly after registration.

(2) Examination permit printing period: 14-21 April 2023.

(3) Written examination date: 22 April 2023

Those who pass the written exam may continue to apply for the interview. The interview will be held offline on 2 July and the registration period is from May 24-June 2.

[Exam Format]

The written part of the exam will be held offline at the Confucius Institute for Business in Athens on paper. The interview will also be held offline at the Confucius Institute for Business in Athens.

[Who can apply]

The International Chinese Language Teachers' Certificate is divided into a "General Version" and a "Local Version".

The General Version is suitable for: (1) Chinese nationals with a passion for international Chinese language education; (2) proficiency in a foreign language; (3) those who have passed the written test and interview must have a nationally recognized bachelor's degree to apply for the certificate.

The Local version is suitable for: (1) non-Chinese nationals who are passionate about international Chinese language education and committed to spreading Chinese language and culture; (2) those with a university degree or above (including recent graduates); (3) those whose Chinese language level is equivalent to HSK (Level 5) or HSKK (Intermediate).

[Application website]

Registration Process

(1) User registration: Login to to register the exam.

(2) Online registration: select the test center (test center: Confucius Institute for Business in Athens) and test date (test date: 22 April), complete personal information (pay attention to the authenticity and completeness of the information, which must be consistent with the information on the registration document), upload a recent (within 6 months) bareheaded frontal electronic photo of yourself, confirm that the registration information is correct and submit.

Note: Candidates are not allowed to take the examination across borders.

(3) Examination fee payment: This examination will no longer take the form of pre-registration; candidates are requested to pay the fee directly after registration. Successful payment is considered as successful registration. Late payment is considered as abandonment of registration. No refunds or changes to examination centers or examination dates are allowed after successful payment. If the number of applicants reaches the maximum number, the registration channel of the examination center will be closed in advance. Candidates who have not yet paid the fee will not be able to pay the examination fee, and candidates can try to register for other examination centers.

(4) Payment method: The payment method for the written examination is by bank transfer. The registration fee for the written examination in Greece is 120. Please clearly indicate the name of the candidate and the purpose of the transfer. Send the copy of the transaction by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

The bank details are as follows.

Name of bank: National Bank of Greece

Name of account: OPA\ELKE\Athens Business Confucius Institute

Account number information: 110\4 8015 124

IBAN: GR20 0110 1100 0000 1104 8015 124

Candidates are requested to make payment within the registration period, as late payment will not be possible. You cannot change the examination center or examination date after successful payment.

(5) Print the pass: Successful candidates should print the pass between 14 and 21 April 2023 by visiting the registration website to print the pass. Candidates are advised to print their pass before the examination date, which will not be available on the day of the examination. Those who do not bring their pass and original registration documents are prohibited from taking the examination.

[Results Enquiry]

Candidates can check their results 20 working days after the examination by logging on to and entering their pass number and name.

Those who have achieved the required score in the written examination may register for the interview of the International Chinese Language Teaching Certificate. For those who pass the current written test and fail the interview, the written test results will be valid for two years. Those who have met the requirements of both the written test and interview can apply for the International Chinese Language Teaching Certificate within two years after the interview results are announced.

[Reference books]

  1. The syllabus of the International Chinese Language Teachers' Certificate. People's Education Publishing House

  2. Explanation of the syllabus of the International Chinese Language Teachers' Certificate. People's Education Publishing House

  3. Cases and Analysis of International Chinese Language Teaching (Revised Edition). Edited by Zhu Yong. Higher Education Publishing House

  4. Intercultural Communication. Zu Xiaomei, ed. Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

  5. "The Collection of Questions for the International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate". People's Education Publishing House

  6. The Classic Cases of International Chinese Language Teachers in Detail. People's Education Publishing House

7. Chinese Vocabulary and Vocabulary Teaching. Edited by Wu Zhongwei, People's Education Publishing House.

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